Mammoth 1000 7-Stage Air Purifier

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NEW!  Mammoth 1000
7-Stage Air Purifier


Multistage HEPA UV ionizer with photocatalytic oxidation.
Eliminates odors, germs, cooking odors and more!

* 90-Day Satisfaction  GUARANTEED! 


Selection of Finish: Black



The Mammoth 1000  7-Stage Air Purifier
Features Multiple Technologies which will significantly improve your indoor air quality.  It will provide you six levels or 'stages'  of air purification and is not merely a HEPA only filter system.

Your new Mammoth Air 1000 air purifier can be used  for both air filtration as well as air sanitation and sterilization with a simple click of a button. The Mammoth Air 1000 can be used for many purposes besides simple air filtration.  It can be used as a bathroom sanitizer air purifier, dust control air purifier, room cleaner air purifier, germicidal air cleaner and for just about any air quality problem you can come up against. 

Whether it's in your kitchen or bathroom your new Mammoth Air 1000 will eliminate bad odors, sanitize surfaces, kill mold and germs, all at the same time. This unique combination of HEPA filter plus UV ionic sterilization is a very effective method of reducing environmental bacteria, viruses, fungus, chemical gases, formaldehyde, smoke particles, mold, mildew, pollen, bad cooking odors, pet smells, tobacco, paint fumes and much more. 


•  12”x9”x12”
•  23 lbs
•  Input voltage: AC 110 V /230V
•  Rated power ≤43W
•  Negative ion ≥4×106 ions/cm3 Double-end steel needle
•  Ozone output: 360mg/h (it can be adjusted by buttons in 5 stages)
•  Filters: Pre-filter+ HEPA filter+ Catalytic filter+Activated carbon filter
•  Airflow rate: 1500RPM (5 speed adjustable)
•  UV light: wavelength 365nm
•  HEPA: 85%-99% filtration efficiency
•  Digital Timer: US standard 12 hour clock.
•  Remote controller: Card type
•  High quality wood cabinet
•  Effective area of Coverage:  3500 sq. ft.
•  Product dimensions: 12 1/4" (L) × 8 3/4" (W) × 12 1/2" (H)
•  CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) result is 6,110 ft/h.
•  Filtration size of particles: 1-5 microns
•  Filtration efficiency (DOP): 99%
•  Finish: black or wood grain color  

Pollutants Removed By the Mammoth Air 1000 UV ionizer air purifier

The Mammoth Air 1000 hybrid HEPA/UV Air Purifier has Multiple Purposes. Like the water we drink and the food we eat, the air we breathe has a huge impact on our health and quality of life. Actually, the air we breathe is the most important factor in our healthy home. Try not breathing for a minute or two and you'll get the picture!  We're always breathing, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Shouldn't you be breathing clean, pure air?  Of course you should! That's why it makes perfect sense to get an air purifier that cleans your air six different ways and why it makes perfect sense to invest in a Mammoth Air 1000 air purifier for your home, for your family's well-being.

The Mammoth Air 1000 UV air purifier will reduce sources of indoor air contamination which cause or increase allergic reactions to airborne particulates, toxic gases, mold and germs.  By utilizing 6 stage’s of purification, your  Mammoth Air 1000 UV air purifier the perfect solution to: 

• “Sick” building syndrome 

•  Hospitals & nursing homes odors and germs 

•  Veterinary offices 

•  Smoking areas 

•  Hotel rooms 

•  High pollen environments 

•  Newly carpeted rooms 

•  Kitchens attics, basements & laundry rooms 

•  Doctors’ offices 

•  Day care centers 

•  Stables & aviaries 

•  Locker rooms 

•  Restaurants & bars 

The  Mammoth Air 1000 will reduce or eliminate:

• Mold
• Dust
• Mildew
• Pollen
• Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi
• Cigarette Smoke
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Pet Dander
• Cooking & Household Odors
• Chemical Gases, V.O.C.s, and Paint Fumes
• Smoke, Pet Particles, Dust Mites
•  Eliminate Germs in a child care
   or medical environment.
• Homes & Living Areas
• Water & fire damaged areas
• New paint & wallpaper areas
• Odor clean-up 


• 5 stages of air purification process
• Five speed fan
• Attractive and Compact yet powerful
• Room size selection five level adjustable purifier
  (activated oxygen)
• Home size of up to 3,000 square feet of coverage
• Easy read big LCD panel
• Manual control and remote control
• Digital clock
• Digital timer function
• Safety switch (disable unit unless filters are properly installed)    
• Uses standard household current
• Attractive wooden grain finish
• Washable and replaceable pre-filter
• Washable and replaceable hospital grade HEPA filter
• Washable and replaceable O3 purification plate
• Washable and replaceable photo-catalytic filter
• Replaceable UV light
• Sleep mode dims the bright LCD panel to a
  minimum level allowing a good nights sleep
• Also disables O3 output

Pre Filter 
The air first enters pre filter, capturing the largest particles, which enhances the durability and performance of the other filters. 

High-Efficiency HEPA Filter
The most effective type of air filter at capturing dust, allergens and other solid particles (including bacteria). HEPA filters are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Mammoth Air 100 UV air purifier uses a permanent, washable HEPA, so it does not require replacement.


Activated Carbon Filter
This filter is filled with a highly absorbent form of Activated Carbon.  Activated Carbon is the industry standard for absorbing bad odors and we feature the latest advancement in Activated Carbon technology.  This is the newest and latest addition to the technology contained in the Mammoth 1000 7-Stage Air Purifier. 


Photo-catalytic Oxidation Filter
This filter is coated with titanium dioxide, which produces highly reactive ions and electrons when combined with the UV light from the Mammoth Air 1000 UV lamp. These highly reactive ions attach to chemical molecules, bacteria and odor-causing compounds, destroying them through oxidation. Independent tests by research scientists have proven photo-catalytic oxidation to by highly effective. 

Activated Oxygen O3 Plate
The O3 plate is an optional ozone plate that produces low levels of ozone under the legal standard of 0.5 ppm. It dispenses just the right amount of ozone into the air to get rid of kitchen odors, pet dander and dust particles. 

Germicidal UV Lamp
The most effective way to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, fungi (such as mold) and bacteria is through UV sterilization. UV sterilization destroys micro-organisms including those that are trapped by the HEPA air filter, preventing them from reproducing and recirculating through the room.

Safe and Effective UV Ionizer
A UV ionizer circulates trillions of negative ions into the air and neutralizes floating pollutants throughout the room. A Journal of Hygiene study found negative ions to improve efficiency of filter units, and multiple studies (including those by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) have found ionizers to be highly effective against dust, bacteria, etc.

What is Nano photo-catalytic filter?

The action of this filter is based on photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) technique. Airborne pollutants are treated by semiconductor photo-catalysis, in which the key material is TiO2.TiO2 particles are used as photo-catalyst because it is non-toxic, chemically stable, and possesses relatively high photo-catalytic activity. 

How does it compare to air filters? 

Air Purifiers do not rely on the air to actually pass through the machine to be cleaned like air filters. It’s not a filter at all. Air Purifiers produce activated oxygen’s, which reduces both odors and negative ions, which settle on particles.

What’s the function of UV light? 

The Ultraviolet Light destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and mold; it reduces or prevents mold growth, thereby allowing them to function at peak efficiency. These high-output, long-lived UV lamps can be used in industrial commercial and residential applications.

In addition to the 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty:

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